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Highly Recommended


The candidate:

A. Exhibits pre-eminence in the law by way of outstanding legal ability and a wide range of experience, either in a specialized field of law or a more varied practice and has a reputation in the legal community as standing at the top of his or her profession.

B. Possesses a reputation for the utmost integrity and temperament to excel as a judge of the court for which he/she is a candidate.

C. Exhibits outstanding citizenship by way of community and professional contributions.

D. Is an exceptional individual who will enhance or has enhanced the competence, dignity and public perception of the bench.



The candidate possesses a reputation for the utmost integrity and the legal ability, experience, and temperament to excel as a judge of the court for which he or she is a candidate.

Not Recommended


At the time of the Committee’s evaluation process, the candidate has not demonstrated to the Committee that the candidate processes the legal ability, character, reputation, experience or temperament for a judicial position.

The Allegheny County Bar Association Board of Governors reviews the ratings of candidates prepared by the Judiciary Committee. The ratings are published when authorized by the Board of Governors.

The ACBA Judiciary Committee is required by ACBA By-Laws to interview and evaluate all candidates seeking appointment to/or running for a seat on the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas.  Candidates for the Court of Common Pleas who do not submit applications for interviews and evaluations receive a rating of “Not Recommended.” The Judiciary Committee may interview and evaluate Pa. Appellate Court candidates who have their principal offices in Allegheny County or reside in Allegheny County, at the request of that candidate.

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